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Applications are only possible on the website

All registrations and data management of all participants are managed by our registration platform system - Wixforms. By registering for CROSSING POHORJE 2023, competitors automatically accept the competition conditions. Registration is final. The entry fee must be paid by bank transfer to TRR ŠD Maribor trail:

SI56 0400 0027 7332 932 or online by debit/credit card and paypal via secure payment system.





  • quality commemorative sports shirt

  • personalized state number, with RFID chip

  • starter gift package with products from our supporters and sponsors

  • destination bags for all matches, bags with clothes from the starts will be brought to Maribor

  • emergency markings on the way

  • refreshment stations with water, approximately every 5 to 7 km (except between Ribniško koča and Koča na Pesku, and Koča na Pesku and Koča na Klopne vrh, where the distance between refreshment stations is 10 to 12 km - only on the VOLVEL route)

  • free photos

  • showers and changing rooms at the finish line

  • hot meal at the finish line

  • "finisher" medal for everyone who reaches the finish line before the time limit

  • medical first aid at certain points along the route and constantly at the finish line

  • a diploma of successfully completed distance when the official results are announced

  • timings, split times and results

  • transportation of runners who withdraw - to the finish line



  • transport of runners from Maribor to the start in Slovenj Gradac/Lovrenc na Pohorje. Participants choose this at the time of application/registration for an additional fee

  • sports drinks and food and sports food during the competition




Participants who, due to health or other problems or unforeseen situations, cannot take part in the event and have already paid the entry fee, can request a partial refund of the entry fee to:

When requesting a refund, the runner must submit an official medical document (report, medical certificate, etc.) or a written explanation.


Note the following:

Refund of 90% of the payment: if the refund request is issued before June 1, 2023.

Refund of 70% of the payment: if the refund request is issued between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2023.

Refund of 50% of the payment: if the refund request is issued between August 1, 2023 and September 30, 2023.

Refunds are not possible after September 30, regardless of the reason why the runner does not participate in the competition.

The transfer of starting numbers between competitors is possible until September 30, 2023

The deadline for registration and payment of the entry fee is September 30, 2023

If the runner does not participate in the competition on October 7, 2023, regardless of the reason, he also renounces the start package and all other benefits that runners have.



In case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure / extraordinary circumstances

The organizer undertakes to refund the entry fee in case of prohibition/impossibility of the event due to extraordinary circumstances/force majeure as follows:

Cancellation of the event 4 months before the event, 90% refund of the entry fee

Cancellation of the event up to 2 months before the event, 70% refund of the entry fee and 20% discount in the following year

Cancellation of the event up to 14 days before the event, 60% refund of the entry fee and 20% discount in the following year

Cancellation of the event less than 14 days before the date of the event - no refund of entry fees.



All technical instructions will be available on the website, instructions for competitors will be sent to all competitors by e-mail no later than the week before the race (between October 1 and 6, 2023)

Bags: Each runner will be required to mark their own bag. Bags with stickers are provided by the organizer and will be part of the start package. Bag drop-off and pick-up will take place in designated areas at the start (for the VOLVEL course in Slovenj Gradac and for the JEZERNIK course in Lovrenec na Pohorje) and in the finish area.

Since we are committed to the ITRA GREEN PROGRAM, please behave accordingly during the competition. Dumping and throwing of any kind of waste is strictly prohibited. There will be garbage bags at each water station where you can put all your waste.


Water filling: The runner must have his own silicone cup and water bottles for carrying drinks.

You fill your water containers yourself at stations and natural springs. All points with water on the route will be marked.


In cases of overtaking a competitor, the runner who wants to overtake must call or whistle to warn


General conditions of the competition:

  • Each runner who has registered for the event is aware of the risks and takes into account his own capabilities, therefore he competes at his own risk.

  • The organizer is not responsible for possible deaths, injuries or damage to the competitor's equipment.

  • The runner must have previous experience with nature running and ultra-trail running, must not have vertigo and must be physically fit.

  • Male competitors must meet the condition of having at least 450 ITRA performance index, and women 350 to compete in VOLVEL. Everyone can check their performance index at:

  • Runners under the age of 18 cannot compete at VOLVEL due to the difficulty of the race. Runners under the age of 16 cannot compete at all.

  • The race takes place in all weather conditions, unless the safety of the runners is at risk (extreme storm, storm, floods...). In such cases, the organizing committee will decide on a backup scenario, change the course or cancel the competition.

  • The route is not marked, so runners must orient themselves by Knafelč's markings. Most of the two routes (VOLVEL and JEZERNIK) run along the Slovenian Mountain Route (SPP) and other mountain routes. Mountain trail markers are white circles with a red border and are most often found on trees and signboards. Knafel's marking on the SPP is equipped with the number 1.

  • All runners must follow the marked route set by the organizer. Any use of shortcuts and shortening of the marked route is penalized with a time increment determined by the organizer, or immediate disqualification if it is a more serious violation.

  • If the runner does not see any marker in the distance of 200 m, it is recommended to return to the last marker and re-check the possibility of continuing.

  • If additional markings are severely deficient or missing, runners must report this at the nearest control point.

All runners bring mandatory equipmen:



Competitors who choose to use running poles at the start of the race must carry them throughout the race to the finish line. Partial use of poles is not allowed.

Any external help is not allowed on the routes between the refreshment stations!

The use of GPS tracking on your watch or smartphone is MANDATORY!!! You will find the file to download on the official page of the Crossing POHORJE self-sufficient trail run, and we will also send it to every registered runner by e-mail at least 7 days before the start.

Before the start, we will check the contents of each competitor's backpack and check if they have a GPX track uploaded to their watch or smartphone. We will also carry out checks at some points along the route.


  • if the competitor has poles only part of the way - disqualification (D)

  • if the competitor has help from outside - disqualification (D)

  • if the competitor litters nature (throwing packaging, wrappers, etc.) - disqualification (D)

  • if the competitor blackmails, threatens and steals or destroys other people's equipment and thereby endangers fellow competitors - disqualification (D)

  • if the competitor does not have a GPX track loaded in his watch or smartphone - he will not be allowed to start (DNS). In this case, we do not refund the entry fee

  • if the competitor does not have the mandatory equipment with him - he will not be allowed to start (DNS). In this case, we do not refund the entry fee

  • if a competitor does not have a high enough ITRA performance index (for men 450 and women 350) on the day of the start of the race (only for the VOLVEL track) - he will not be allowed to compete (DNS). In this case, we do not refund the entry fee

  • if the competitor intentionally or unintentionally shortens the route or part of the route - he gets a time penalty determined by the race director after checking the GPX track. To avoid this, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the GPX track in the watch. We advise you that if any deviation occurs, you should go back to the last point where the track was still consistent with the planned route and find the right direction. There will be no time increments for such corrections.








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