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Self-sufficient ultra trail run VOLVEL

70 km
2.800 d+

All competitors receive:

  • quality commemorative sports shirt​

  • personalized start number, with RFID chip

  • starter gift package with products from our supporters and sponsors

  • finish bags for all tracks, bags with clothes from the starts will be brought to finish

  • additional markings where nee

  • refreshment stations with water, approximately every 5 – 7 km (except between Ribniško koča and Koča na Pesku, and Koča na Pesku and Koča na Klopnem vrh, approx. 10 – 12 km)

  • free photos

  • showers and changing rooms at the finish line

  • hot meal at the finish line

  • "finisher" medal for everyone who reaches the finish line before the time limit

  • medical first aid at certain points along the route and at the finish line

  • a diploma for successfully completing the distance when the official results are announced

  • timings, split times and results, live online monitoring

  • transportation of runners who withdraw


If you are looking for new challenges and the classic format of running competitions no longer satisfies you, we offer you a completely new experience where you will depend solely on yourself.

It is the first self-sufficient trail race in Slovenia, which will not have signs and where there will be no classic refreshment and transit stations. You will have to follow Knafelc blazes and GPX tracks on your watch or smartphone.

We offer you a unique fusion of nature and discovery of hidden corners of Pohorje, where your ingenuity, strength, endurance and determination will come to the fore.


You will find water along the way, as Pohorje is full of natural springs, and there are also many mountain huts along the route. You will have to bring your own food (minimum 1,000 KCAL) in your backpack, and we will stock you with salt tablets, magnesium, calcium, snacks, energy surprise and good mood after finishing this challenge.

VOLVEL will unite only 100 trail runners, so don't wait with registration. 

Adventure, that will change you

Start: Slovenj Gradec

Destination: Maribor, Snow Stadium

Distance: 70 km

Ascent: 2.800 D+

Time limit: 14 hours

Transportation: Bus from Maribor to Slovenj Gradec (reserve and pay when you REGISTER)

maribor trail tun crossing pohorje 2023 LOGO red.png

We will check the contents of each competitor's backpack before the start. We will also carry out checks at some points along the route. The organizer has the right to disqualify a competitors who do not have the complete mandatory equipment with him, or assign him a penalty time increment, according to 




Length of the route - 70 km

The total amount of altitude meters - 2.800 m

Limited no. places - 100 competitors

Min. amount of calories - 1,000 KCAL

Orientation with Knafelčeva marks

and GPX tracks loaded in a watch or smartphone

Without the usual refreshment and transit stations, there are only drinking water stations along the way.


Mandatory equipment:

  • A charged watch or smartphone with a GPX route loaded

  • Backpack or running vest

  • Food and/or sports nutrition (minimum 1,000 kcal)

  • 2 running bottles or hydration bladder (minimum 1,000 ml of liquid)

  • A whistle

  • Windbreaker, hat, gloves

  • Headlamp with spare batteries

  • First aid kit (2-3 plasters, astro foil, elastic bandage...)

  • According to the unfavorable weather forecast, the organizer has the right to request additional equipment, which he must inform the competitor about at least one day before the start of the competition.

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